Family politics and the Abasolos of New Jersey

The author. ‘This election is divisive.’

Alice Abasolo, a resident of Woodbridge, New Jersey, is the portrait of a fervent supporter of Donald Trump. A conservative Catholic and pro-Life advocate, she is the third child among four siblings, all of them born in Ozamiz City, the hometown of their father. Their mother hails from Loay, Bohol. They came to America when they were young children.  All the siblings — Carmela, Cristino III, Alice, and Gary  — are American citizens; Alice is the only dual citizen.

Nowhere is the polarizing effect of the current political contest more felt than in the Abasolo family. The two brothers are Democrats, the elder sister is Independent, and Alice is Republican. Occasionally, the family debate spills out on social media with Alice and Gary, a lawyer, engaged in testy exchanges, to put it diplomatically. Friends of the two try to humor them to introduce a truce. Sometimes it works.

While she writes about being at odds on occasion with her brother, in the end Alice, who works as a packaging administrator, said the siblings are close regardless of their ideological differences. ‘We try to encourage each other to do our best… God made us siblings for life,’ she said. It will always be family over politics whatever the results of the election.  – Cristina DC Pastor

By Alice Abasolo

Yes, I am voting GOP, because their mission and ideas for America is right for America.  I always vote with my moral conscience.  As a Conservative Catholic, I am Pro Life which means I am Pro Woman, Pro Man and Pro Family.  What catapulted President Trump to the highest office in the nation is the Pro Life issue.  I am happy to see that many Americans still have good morals to vote for the helpless, voiceless unborn, who have no voice.

President Trump made promises which he kept.  Before COVID-19, America’s economy was the best in the world.  Unemployment was an all-time lowest in decades for all races and gender.  The stock market hit an all-time high.  Majority of Americans’ outlook was optimistic.  Thus, President Trump succeeded in making America great again #MAGA, and he will do so during COVID times.  

Forgiving each other

I look younger and more youthful than my brother Gary, but actually I am older.  He and I have a rule not to comment on each other’s posts, so we stay out of any heated debates/arguments.  Occasionally, we’ll break this rule, and later regret it.  Forgiving each other and letting go of each other’s differences of opinions are key to keeping our relationship.  As practicing Catholics and family-oriented Filipinos, we don’t let our difference of opinions in politics end our relationship. God made us siblings for life.  Morally, it would be wrong if we did end our relationship, just solely on differences of political views.  I always say, “What would Jesus say?” 

The Abasolos Carmela, Cristino III, Alice, and Gary celebrating Alice’s 6th birthday.

We always gather together on Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as birthdays.  Our older brother and his beautiful wife always are the hosts.  It was touch and go the first Christmas after President Trump was elected in 2016, because our older brother is also anti-Trump.  He later came to his senses and invited me as well, as our sister, who is an Independent in politics.

We are grateful to have loving, nurturing parents who gave us good moral values.  We both had good childhood, growing up mainly in the Midwest at the time.  We always try to encourage each other to do our best, regardless of the situation in our lives.  

This election is divisive.  Emotions come to play.  At the moment, I have a fear that our older brother who is anti-Trump may be a sore loser if Trump wins.  Currently, he is not talking to me.  However, I am confident his gracious Filipina wife will invite us for our annual holiday gatherings.  She calls on me and our sister to see how we are, which we appreciate.  

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