Eloisa meets handsome man at the coffee shop (Part 2)

census short

By DJ Chinita & Elizabeth Cueva

DJ Chinita. Eloisa is eyeing the long table to make her plan happen. She realizes she got nothing to eat yet for dinner tonight.  Picked up her phone from her pocket, oh! Not in here, maybe in my purse, opss not?  This couldn’t be happening. Did I lose my phone? How can I find my way home? It’s Eloisa’s few weeks of her life in the Big Apple, she doesn’t know the city.

We sat down, blubbering with her two hands catch her head with eyes closed slightly sliding from her forehead until the tip of her hair. She suddenly lifts her head!  At her surprise George is standing right in front of her. George says, is everything alright?

Silence…for 5 seconds…Eloisa has no words. She composes herself and explains the story to George.

Elizabeth Cueva; DJ Chinita

George asks where Eloisa is staying at. To their surprise they are staying in the same building. Omg!  Eloisa can’t explain if she will get excited or what. Off they go, George takes Eloisa to his favorite farmers market. Every morning Eloisa is excited to go to work, knowing George will be there. And she never experiences homesickness. Days pass Eloisa and George become good friends.

Elizabeth Cueva. Crystal was soon to lose her job as the French Coffee Shop announced that they will not be operating since the announcement of the Covid19 lockdown. It was the last day they were allowed to come in to serve coffee. So many concerns were playing in her mind, but she had to keep her focus so that she may be able to mix the myriad concoctions that she has to prepare as a barista. “One Affogato!”, she heard the cashier announce. “Hm, it’s been a while since someone ordered that sweet espresso and ice cream mix.”, she thought. Crystal exclaimed, “An Affogato at this time?!” chuckling underneath her breath. Then she heard, “Excuse me, Miss! May I ask if…Oh my gosh, is that you, Crystal?” Then, at the corner of her eye she saw a familiar face. “No freaking way! OMG! Eloisa! How’s everything?” Crystal wanted to embrace Eloisa, her childhood friend from Surigao, but could not do so because of the corona pandemic warning. Who would have thought she would see her again after all these years after graduation. Eloisa always had a sweet tooth, she remembered. “I miss you, Eloisa.” “I miss you, too, my friend.” They had a swift exchange because the line for the orders was getting longer. They exchanged their numbers. “Oh my, a lifeline!”, Crystal thought of her dear friend, Eloisa. Then, at the corner of her eye, she saw Eloisa saw her meet an extremely handsome man at the coffee shop. They were looking for a place to sit where they can observe the 6 ft. distance. “Oh oh!”, Crystal thought. She always saw this man having coffee there with a different lady all the time. He likes sultry-looking women of color. Crystal wanted to warn her friend Eloisa, but since they had just met, she did not want to intrude. She had more pressing needs like losing her job in this alarming situation.

census short

To be continued

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