FILAMSPEAK: What are your wishes, hopes, and fears for the country under Donald Trump?

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On the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration, some FilAms are expressing on social media how they are preparing to carry out their acts of resistance, as well as their plans for the women’s march the day after. Others are sharing their hopes and wishes for the country to move forward with little or no upheaval and for the new president to act responsibly and to bring dignity to his office and his title. The FilAm spoke to some of them.

triciaTricia Capistrano
Project Manager
eCommerce company

I avoided all conversations on November 9th. I knew it was silly, but I felt that if I avoided talking about the election results, it would be less real. A gay friend of mine, however, took me out of my bubble. He needed to talk, he was burdened by fear. Some of the liberal people I talked to take comfort in the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. I remained inconsolable for weeks. I was dejected and then disgusted when I learned that I have immigrant relatives who voted for Donald Trump.

I now choose to be optimistic and active. I want to be counted as being on the side of kindness. I hope that all Americans will use this turn of events to choose and act with more passion and compassion.

jenny Jenny Castaneda
Assistant project manager
Construction company

My hope for the new administration is that with the president’s egotistical, opinionated persona, he will bring radical changes to things that need attention. There is the issue of the rising cost of drugs. Drugs are so expensive in America but cheaper in other countries. Also – and I’m asking for the moon here — hopefully a Republican president and a Republican Congress can pass stricter gun laws. It is time to address these issues.

My biggest fear is how his ego will play into running the government. As it has been shown on numerous occasions, Trump does not care much for others unless they are millionaires and that they serve his purpose.

Other than that, I will sit back and just watch, and allow them to surprise and amaze me!

miaMia Fernandez Ayala
Financial services
She wrote an open letter to her daughter

Dearest Justine,

I love you so much! It’s so amazing to see you grow up – every day is such a blessing. How can you be nearing 3 years old? I cherish following you progress as a human being in your song and dance, laughter, tantrums, and cunning little games, trying to see what you can get away with. Your lively spirit and never-give-up attitude is becoming more and more apparent. You make me proud when you try to jump up the curb, fall flat on your face, brush yourself off, and try again and again. You will need that mindset in life.

On Friday, we will wake up to unfamiliar territory. Our families and friends are either elated or devastated by the thought of this new world to be led by a genius in other fields but not for the current one he procedurally won. I cannot speak for them, but I promise you this: I will respect the Office of the President of the United States. Although it is a great challenge to separate the office from the occupant-to-be, he deserves a chance to prove himself worthy of the position, and worthy of our respect. It is the most American gift I can give at this point in time.

I have only love to offer. And the fierce resolve to protect your rights: your right to be respected as a human being, your right to travel, your right to choose religion, your right to protect your body, your right to breathe clean air, your right to love whoever you choose. I will be vigilant in articulating what I think is right and wrong. Rest assured I will do everything in my power for you to experience all that is good and bright. I vow to protect your innocence as long as I could. I vow to make our voices heard. And I hope that when the time comes, you will do the same.

With much affection,

belBel Molina
Market Strategist
Health care company

I can only hope that the next president will be successful because if the country does well, then most Americans will have opportunities and will be better off.

My fear is not an actual physical war, but there is a possibility that he can say or tweet something that may offend leaders of other countries, which may lead to an economic war. And that can be more devastating to the country than an actual war; countries like China and other major trading partners can retaliate economically to harm the U.S.

victor useVictor Palmos
Hair/Make-up artist

After I heard his speech this morning my hopes for this country became sad because those who voted for him have no idea what they have done. Instead of uniting the people, he insisted on building a wall. My dream starting today is to become more driven, work hard not only for myself but also for the people I work with. ‘Bayanihan’ as we call it in our own language. Let us help each other reach the top.

I always pray to God that He will guide us in every situation that we encounter. I pray for the new president as well, I pray that he is the right leader for this country.

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