2 Brooklyn FilAms showcase art in pop-up exhibit

Artists Tomas Delos Reyes and Anthony Manal Castro on opening night. Photos by Lambert Parong/Balitang New York

Artists Tomas Delos Reyes (left) and Anthony Manal Castro on opening night. Photos by Lambert Parong/Balitang New York

A pop-up exhibit featuring the art of mixologist Tomas Delos Reyes and graphic designer Anthony Castro was a Lower East Side cultural attraction in February.

Tomas, one of the decision makers behind Maharlika Filipino Moderno and Jeepney Filipino Gastropub, presented his collection of paintings exploring the “dimensions of his own emotions.”

His art, as noted in a statement, “serves as a reflection of his desire to create structure in his life through graphic lines with touches of realism while mixing the stimuli of everyday life represented in freeform brushstrokes…They can have moments of chaos or have pockets of air in between the beats.”

Tomas, who is currently a Brooklyn resident, has extensive background in film, dance, music, cocktail mixology and luxury goods, thus earning the designation ‘Renaissance Man’ from people who have witnessed or experienced his multiple talents.

Born and raised in San Francisco, Tomas as a young boy thought he was going to be a priest or an artist. “He was enchanted by what he saw as the drama of Catholicism,” says the statement.
After many run-ins with the law for graffiti as a teenager, he quickly realized art was the direction he was moving into. He studied at the Academy of Art in San Francisco where he sharpened his skills in painting while pursuing film studies.

Anthony Manal Castro is a visual artist and designer who was in born in Romblon province in the Philippines and raised in San Jose, California. Like Tomas, he currently lives in Brooklyn.

Anthony’s art “fuses decorative motifs and letter forms to create a harmonious gridded structure. His inspiration comes from the everyday ephemeral character of the city and the layered fabric of his environment.”

After completing his studies at the Claremont Graduate University, (MFA) Anthony moved to Prague, where he made his way painting large graphic murals for dance club spaces, according to a statement. “This period was foundational for his future work in creating art and design for interiors, restaurants, retail spaces and store fronts such as Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC. He carried it into his later work for the Museum of Modern Art, where he played an integral role in refreshing the visual and branding direction of the MoMA Design Store spaces.”

The exhibit titled “Good Intentions” ran from January 29 to February 7. It was curated by OutLaw Arts.

De Los Reyes’s Montague y Capulet Acrylic / canvas 60" x 36" 2015

De Los Reyes’s ‘Montague y Capulet’
Acrylic / canvas
60″ x 36″

Castro’s ‘Influential and Complicated’ Acrylic / canvas 72" x 48" 2016

Castro’s ‘Influential and Complicated’
Acrylic / canvas
72″ x 48″

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