Attended my first N.Y. Fashion Week, worried I might trip the model!

A preview of Malan Breton's Fall collection

A preview of Malan Breton’s Fall collection

Matrix-like coats and sweaters

Matrix-like coats and sweaters

By Jen Furer

Attending New York Fashion Week wasn’t on my bucket list, however, I got curious on how it would be like to witness a fashion show.

Expecting nothing, I asked FW veteran reporter Elton Lugay, “Can I tag along?”

To my surprise, he said, “Sige.”

The next day, Elton sent me a message asking if I was available to attend the Malan Breton show at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (MBFW) at the Lincoln Center on February 18th, at 9 a.m. I read up a bit about the Taiwanese-born fashion designer. I was amazed to know that Breton started designing at age 11.

When I received Elton’s message, I got so excited and then panicked on what to wear.

Weeks before the MBFW, I informed a few friends that I got a press pass to the show. They all asked me what I plan on wearing. It never dawned on me that there’s a dress code at these fashion shows.

“What do you mean, what am I wearing? It’s going to be freezing that day – so obviously, Uggs boots and layers and layers of clothing!”

I was told people get really dressed up to these events – like cocktail-party-wedding-event ‘dressed up.’

So I searched for “what to wear to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week” and returned 10 style choices my closet didn’t even know exist.

I decided to wear a black Ann Taylor and a BCBG blazer. I wore a long sleeve shirt and yoga shorts under the dress together with black leggings, heavy socks and my old and beat-up Kate Spade flat black leather boots. (Full disclosure: All items were purchased on clearance years ago)

I knew I was going to walk a few blocks here and there so I bundled up with a Coach fur hat and scarf that my husband gave me for Christmas. (Coach items were on sample sale too)

I also brought with me an extra leg warmer and black shawl – just in case it gets chillier — which I stuffed in my python-embossed leather Coach bag. (Sample sale)

I figured I’d be in my black down jacket that no one’s going to notice what I am wearing anyway.

So did it really matter?

On February 18th, while I was waiting at Starbucks by Lincoln Center, I noticed a few tall women who were dressed as if it wasn’t 9 degrees in New York City: high heels, shawl, colorful coats, hats and sun glasses!

I was seated at the corner sipping my soy latte when I met a young web designer from Texas who was also waiting to get into the fashion show.

He asked what I did; I said I’m a mother of four wonderful children. I remembered that I was there not as a mother but as a member of the press. So I added that I’m one of the co-hosts of Makilala TV, a Filipino-American television talk show, and handed him a business card.

He talked about how tough the modeling business is and that how his friends warned him “not to wear anything V-necks.”

Is there really a dress code at these events? As it turned out – it really didn’t matter.

There were men and women dressed so fashionably, and yet, those who weren’t. It’s not like people will laugh at you or stare you down. It’s like any other day in New York, therefore, just be you.

I walked towards the front, and positioned myself at one of the empty seats. Luckily, a friendly lady from FashionWeekOnline, Julia, was standing next to me and before I knew it, we started talking. She gave me a few pointers:

1) If you’re sitting in the front, you can’t cross your legs. You have to try to sit straight and hands on your lap because you don’t want to trip the models. I laughed because that would be me – with legs stretched out. A model would fall on her face and I will forever be blacklisted by Anna Wintour and her cohorts!

2) Gift bags. Only Asian designers are known to give gift bags. I was lucky to have found a seat and a gift bag with hair and nail products.

3) It gets really hot inside. I was dressed in layers and heavy clothing that I was sweating. Going back to what to wear: Julia, who attends five of these fashion shows a day, was wearing a blazer, a shirt and a scarf.

The show was about 30 minutes. Breton’s fabrics were bold and bright. Aside from the traditional blacks, greys, and whites, there were a lot of electric pinks and oranges. There was a really ripped and toned male model wearing nothing but white underwear and a long grey sweater.

I usually associate high fashion with outlandish designs. However, Malan Breton’s Fall 2015 collection is something anyone can wear. The designs reminded me of “The Matrix” with all the trench coats and glossy satin suits. Futuristic came to mind.

The best part of the show was witnessing Breton’s reaction at the end of the showcase. It looked like he was wiping away tears as he expressed his sincere gratitude and appreciation.

His mother must be so proud.

The author debuts her own FW look: black down jacket and beat-up boots! ‘It didn’t really matter’

The author debuts her own FW look: black down jacket and beat-up boots! ‘It didn’t really matter’

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