As luck would have it; my fascination with Feng Shui

The author and her Golden Buddha

The author and her Golden Buddha

By Chelle Lhuillier

There are times when we feel that no matter how hard we try, things just aren’t working. Life gets tougher, and we continue to struggle emotionally, financially and in other aspects of our lives.

What I found out is that the need to make an effort is not always necessary. Our own success derives not only from hard work but also from proper timing, a healthy mindset, and a fair amount of good luck.

My fascination with Feng Shui began many years ago when I lived in Thailand for a month to fulfill a scholarship training. I also began a collection of Laughing Buddhas.

After my trip, I became more interested in learning about this Chinese philosophy of harmony and how we could benefit from it. I read books and online articles about it, skeptical at first. I thought it was difficult and complicated until one day I realized I was already practicing the knowledge I gained from my readings.

The proverb, “An ounce of luck is worth a pound of wisdom,” tells us that many of life’s good fortunes are sometimes borne out of luck rather than wise and careful thinking. But if being lucky is all we need to aspire to, how do we invite luck into our lives?

Luck, as defined, is the “force that seems to operate for good or ill in a person’s life as in shaping circumstances, events or opportunities.” Sometimes, we wonder when we run into people how they seem to generate good karma in their careers and family life. Others not so.

A research conducted by the University of Hertfordshire in England concluded that luck isn’t due to fate or karma but from an individual’s strong will, intention or desire. Some folks are believed to think and behave in ways that seem to be ‘in the cards’ These people are known as the “luck magnets.”

One way to generate luck in life is to be open to new possibilities and experiences. Unlucky people are averse to taking risks and embracing unique opportunities. Being open allows people to see and maximize the opportunities around them. As in driving an automobile, if we follow only one direction, we will not be able to find other routes. Getting lost is one of life’s best lessons. Listen to our intuition and gut feeling and chances are we may yet turn bad luck into good. Positivity shapes our interactions with people.

Another way to attract health, prosperity, and general well-being is through Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese method of arranging furniture and possessions to achieve balance and harmony. Feng Shui philosophy believes that balancing the energy (also known as qi or chi ) in our environment brings positivity in our lives.

I have been practicing Feng Shui in my life. With the use of the Bagua map, I have learned to identify areas in my house where I can adorn with lucky charms, such as fountains, aquariums, Buddha statues, lucky bamboo plants, to supposedly enhance positive energy. It is this energy that is believed to bring us wealth, love and health.

We can learn more about harnessing luck as we welcome the Chinese New Year (Year of the Goat) from February 19 to March 5. Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Chelle Lhuillier is an educator by profession. She has a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Far Eastern University in Manila and taught biology, earth and physical science for 10 years. She is also an advocate for LGBT rights and transgender empowerment.

Orchids and a pair of doves adorn the Love Corner  in Chelle’s home.

Orchids and a pair of doves adorn the Love Corner in Chelle’s home.

The golden Arowana fish is for the Wealth Corner.

The golden Arowana fish is for the Wealth Corner.

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