‘New York may be the center but Hollywood is the window of fashion:’ David Tupaz

Passionate about art, culture and history

Passionate about art, culture and history

In celebration of New York Fashion Week, Hollywood designer David Tupaz will showcase his latest collection on September 5 at the Philippine Center, teasing Fifth Avenue with tinseltown’s red carpet style.

David, who was trained in New York, moved to Los Angeles early in his career.

“I love New York but I wanted more. Hollywood dictates fashion in America. New York might be the center of fashion but Hollywood is the window. People want to wear what they see on the stars,” he said.

However, breaking into Hollywood was an uphill battle.

“It was intimidating,” he said. “Being a minority and an Asian, I felt that my chances of making it here in Hollywood were slim. But I believed that the Filipino talent is at par with the best of the world and that was my inspiration to keep on going. So I went beyond the brand and created a distinct rebirth of old Hollywood.”

Today, David said he is living his dream.

Among his celebrity clients are William and Elizabeth Shatner, Alan and Tanya Thicke, Patti Austin, Jane Seymour, Lisa Rinna, Kris Kardashian Jenner, Etta James, Christine Baranski, Julia Roberts, Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson, Mariel Hemingway, Bo Derek, Cheryl Ladd, and Annette Bening.

Other clients include former First Lady Imelda Marcos and former Miss Japan Keiko Ibi who wore a purple peau de soix that he designed and created for the 1999 Oscar Awards night where Ibi received the Best Documentary Film Award from Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. People magazine dubbed David’s creation as one of the evening’s most memorable gowns.

David said, “I guess I am not famous but famous people know me. They love the simple sophistication and they feel appropriately dressed when they wear my clothing. I make sure their individual taste and personal style stand out.”

'Hollywood was intimidating at first.'

‘Hollywood was intimidating at first.’

David does not only designs luxurious gowns, he completes the look with his own custom-designed jewelry, beaded accessories, shoes and intricately handcrafted veils.

Asked what drives him to pursue his passion, he said, “I think being an artist somehow makes one feel responsible! Without artistry, we would have never discovered and understood the value of history and humanity from the prehistoric paintings inside cave walls to the writings of ancient Greece, to the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt. Art and culture drive me! The little difference that I as an artist can contribute to make life beautiful keeps me motivated and going, and I like to share that.”

David sees himself not just a fashion designer but someone who’s passionate about art, culture and history.

This show is produced by Dr. Richard Holsman and Elton Lugay and supported in part by the Philippine Consulate General; Philippine Department of Tourism, Trade and Industry; Holsman Healthcare, TOFA-NY, The Blakely Hotel; ConZerge; AppleOne Banawa Heights; Heartland Model Agency; DJ Filipino Events and Sweet Habana Catering.

Simple sophistication

Simple sophistication

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