Gherald Alaman wonders why Asians are hardly ever cast as American heroes, heartthrobs

Founder and CEO of Talent & Skills

Founder and CEO of Talent & Skills

Gherald Alaman in on a mission to change the way Asian actors are portrayed in films and television.

The founder and CEO of Talent & Skills booking and talent management company said he would like Asian talent to be cast as Americans and not stereotyped into playing Asian characters.

“Caucasians and African Americans are not the only ones that can play American heroes or the romantic lead,” he told The FilAm. “Asian Americans are just as talented. It’s OK (for them) to turn down roles that will stereotype other Asian Americans.”

Currently, Gherald is the director and producer for the “Talent & Skills Network,” a YouTube show that interviews and showcases talent from around the world.

He said he uses the show to help educate talent aspiring for that big break into the entertainment business. He provides career tips and tells them what to expect in the cutthroat world of film and television. His biggest objective is to change how Asian Americans are portrayed in the entertainment media.

“I’m sick and tired of talent getting scammed and ripped off by casting sites, photographers, agencies and other potential scammers,” he said.

Gherald sure has experience to share.

While studying Communications at Seton Hall University, he interned for WKTU 103.5 FM and the WB Network and later worked at MTV. He also attended acting class, specifically Film/Commercial Technique, and was ranked top three best actors out of 42 at the Weist-Barron Studios.

‘I was the only Asian American in the class,” he said.

He said he declined to be cast in a film seeking talent who could do martial arts. “I refused to sign with them because I did not want to stereotype other Asians. In the back of my mind, I was saying ‘why can’t I be an all-American?’”

Back in the late ‘90s and early 2000, it was very rare to see Asian folks going to auditions, he said. While things a little better nowadays, he stressed, “We still have a long way to go.”

That may be changing as Korean actor John Cho takes the lead role in the romantic series “Selfie,” a remake of “Pygmalion.”

“I want Asian American actors portraying a star quarterback, or an Asian male kissing white/black girls, or an Asian couple as the lead characters,” he explained. “Why is it that you always see more Asian girls interracially mixed but very few Asian males are portrayed that way?”

Born in Naic, Cavite, Gherald came to the U.S. with his father when he was 4 years old to join his mom. He comes from a big family with three other siblings.

“I love having a big family. There is always something to do, and family is very important,” he said.

He created Talent & Skills after college, envisioning it as an “entertainment company with a cause.” Gherald is one of the casting directors and talent managers. He has appeared in independent films, print ads, commercials, and magazines.

Will John Cho’s ‘Selfie’  pave the way for Asian actors to take the lead in film and TV? The Korean actor is shown here with leading lady Karen Gillan

Will John Cho’s ‘Selfie’ pave the way for Asian actors to take the lead in film and TV? The Korean actor is shown here with leading lady Karen Gillan

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