N.J. nurse’s alleged killer is arraigned; Consulate urges ‘swift justice’ for Jennifer Bongco

Five days after nurse Jennifer Bongco was stabbed to death, her live-in boyfriend Kevin Ambrose was arraigned in a New Jersey court, charged with her murder.

Ambrose appeared before Camden County Superior Court on July 30 wearing an orange prison jumpsuit and with no legal representation.

Published reports say Ambrose, 52, stabbed Bongco, 41, repeatedly on July 25 following an argument inside a car. The lone witness was Bongco’s 5-year-old daughter, who reportedly told detectives that “Kevin hurt Mommy.”

The daughter was in the same car as the couple, and heard them arguing, according to reports.

Bongco and Ambrose met at Meadowview Nursing Home in Monroe Township, where they both worked as nurses. Bongco has been working there for about 10 years, but Ambrose was no longer employed when the crime happened.

Bongco has an elder daughter, Maria, who is 19 years old.

“In a recorded statement, the 5-year-old daughter told police Ambrose and Bongco were arguing inside the car before Bongco got out and ‘Kevin started hitting mommy,’” according to a report from TheDailyJournal.com.

The Philippine Consulate issued a statement urging that justice be served “as swiftly as possible.”

“We are requesting concerned authorities to make sure that justice is served to her (Jennifer) as swiftly as possible,” said Consul General Mario de Leon Jr. “Any assistance that will be given to the (family) so they can cope with their great loss will be very much appreciated.”

At his arraignment, Ambrose said he has no lawyer. A court-appointed attorney will be provided.

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