Philippines calls shooting of Malaysian plane ‘most revolting of acts’

The Philippines on July 21 issued a strong call for a full, thorough and independent investigation into the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight 17.

In a speech before the UN Security Council, Philippine Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Libran Cabactulan said Manila condemns “in the strongest possible terms” the downing of the Malaysian aircraft. He conveyed the country’s condolences to the families and the governments of those who perished in the shooting tragedy.

A surface-to-air missile shot down the Malaysia Airlines flight 17 as it flew over the Ukraine close to the Russian border. Blame has fallen on pro-Russian separatists. Three Filipinos were among the 283 passengers who perished.

Cabactulan said the investigation should shed more light and information into the circumstances surrounding this “regrettable incident so that perpetrators of this most offensive of acts will be held fully liable.”

He said that “the perpetrators need to be identified and held fully accountable for this most revolting of acts,” and that the international community must be united to ensure that justice is finally served.

His statement supports the UN Security Council resolution unanimously adopted on the same day. The Philippines supports and has co-sponsored Resolution 2166 stating that all efforts should be made “to secure justice for and to honor the memory of the 298 irreplaceable lives in the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight 17.”

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