Designer bag mom ventures into travel marketing

Jessy Daing-Musbeh earned this brand new BMW after only six days!

Jessy Daing-Musbeh earned this brand new BMW after only six days!

By Cristina DC Pastor

Ever wondered what that “You Should Be Here” blue sign that is going viral all about? It’s all over social media and if you’re a friend of Jessy Daing-Musbeh, it’s all over her wall as well.

Jessy is the first to introduce this travel concept in the Filipino American community. And it looks like she is about to build an empire around it.

Everyone who’s met Jessy knows she is a natural when it comes to selling. She knows her product, be it a designer bag or a diamond jewelry; she is gifted with cheer and patience, and she is easy on the eyes.

Every time someone approaches this Jersey City working mom with a networking proposition, Jessy’s initial reaction is one of indifference.

“It’s not for me,” she would tell her friends flatly.

She’s seen some people engaged in the multi-tier marketing of cosmetics and vitamin products struggle to create a cascading network of sellers. Although she may have the gift of gab, and the charm to go with it, Jessy said she draws the line on networking, a business model that relies on a vast network of sellers to turn in earnings from commissions or royalties.

In March, Jessy was propositioned yet again. A non-Filipino friend asked her to try a different kind of venture, one that is based on travel. For one with a wanderlust of a television newscaster — Jessy worked for RPN 9 in the Philippines — she agreed to listen to a presentation.

It was boring in the beginning, but Jessy was polite enough not to constantly check her phone as the other attendees were doing. But when the speaker said that a one-time membership fee offers deals on plane tickets or earned travel, the listeners, including Jessy, perked up.

A travel company based in Plano, Texas, offers a home-based direct selling venture fueled on the principle that to make a living, work must be about helping people get “fun, freedom and fulfillment in their lives.”

The company adopts the Costco business model of buying in bulk and reselling at deep discounts. In this case, airfare and hotel accommodations are offered to members at rates much lower than so-called online deals. The more members you sign up, the more incentives you earn.

What Jessy did not expect was that after introducing six people “who love to travel” to the company’s VIP Travel Club, she qualified for the company’s car bonus program. A 2014 X3 BMW was her incentive!

“That’s after only six days!” raved Jessy.

Jessy’s rise is phenomenal. She’s accomplished a lot in her short time with the company. She has earned several promotions and is well on her way to retiring at the age of 36.

“I’m done with corporate life,” she said laughing.

In July, she will be traveling to Las Vegas for a company event where she will have the opportunity to share her story with 12,000 like-minded entrepreneurs. Specifically, she will talk about her experience as one of the co- founders of the Visionary Team Worldwide, the first Filipino team in the history of the company.

“One of the reasons I joined is because I want to give back to the community. I always tell the new and old members we have to be grateful because God gave us the key to help people change their lives,” she said.

“Travel is a sexy product, and it’s easy to sell,” she continued. “It’s been an amazing journey for me.”

Jessy began posting photos of her brand-new BMW on Facebook along with the hand-held banner, “You Should Be Here.” It generated enormous interest from her friends around the New York area. She immediately began sharing the concept with her friends. Jessy is always thrilled when her members are rewarded with travel perks for their chart-topping performances.

“People think it’s too good to be true,” she said. “Actually, it’s all about good old-fashioned hard work and being a go-getter.”

To learn more about why “You Should Be Here,” contact Jessy Daing Musbeh at or check out Jessy Couture on Facebook.

Jessy introduced this unique travel concept to Filipino Americans.

Jessy introduced this unique travel concept to Filipino Americans.

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