Is FilAm unity attainable? Weigh in, be heard at UniPro’s May 31 summit

Registration has begun for May 31 summit

Registration is on at May 31 summit

The Pilipino American Unity for Progress is holding its 4th annual conference on May 31 on the same weekend as the Philippine Independence Day Parade.

“Summit 2014: Your Move” initiates the delegates’ chance to take control and act on where their passions lie, UniPro said in a press statement. “We want to challenge our attendees to find themselves in our community and to move the community in a way that not only fulfills their goals but the community’s as well.”

One of the keynote speakers is retired Major General Antonio Taguba. Also invited to deliver messages are NBC reporter in Illinois Roe Aragon, independent filmmaker Georgina Tolentino, and racing driver Michele Bumgarner.

There are Workshops on the topics of Civic Engagement & Public Service; Arts in Action; and Social Entrepreneurship.

The panelists are led by immigration lawyer Rio Guerrero, media professional Cesar Abueg,
youth leader Lakhi Siap, graphic designer Krystal Menez, USAID officer Ginny Barahona, Kaya Collaborative founder Rexy Josh Dorado, mother of two Melody Garcia-Muniz, and writer-blogger Ryann Tanap.

After collaborating with other organizers across the country, UniPro and its partners Filipino Youth Leadership Program and Empowering Pilipino Youth through Collaboration are hoping their previous initiatives and discussions “will jump-start a movement of cohesion” among all FilAm leadership conferences across the country.

“We wanted to show that unity can be accomplished and all it took was to reach out and talk to each other,” said UniPro President Rachelle Ocampo. “The usual talk about collaboration among Filipino organizations across the nation is old news, but this milestone is significant.”

The summit will be held May 31 from 8:30 a.m. at the John Reeves Great Hall at the Fashion Institute of Technology at 227 W. 27th Street.

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