Erman Baradi navigates the media-driven world

He wants to represent Asian Americans in media.

He wants to represent Asian Americans in media.

Virginia-born Erman Baradi will be co-producing a panel event on the ever-changing media landscape at the Writers Guild of America East headquarters on November 6th.

The Writers Guild is a labor union comprising thousands of professionals who work in television, film as well as digital media. The event called Digital Discourse – to be held at the guild office at 250 Hudson Street, Suite 700 —
will be focused on the future of media distribution and content creation.

Guest panelists include executives from YouTube, Cinedigm, Seed & Spark, Bond 360, Radical Media, and Twitch TV. It will be moderated by Ryan Koo of who is a Webby Award-winner and one of Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Faces of Film.

“The entertainment landscape is ever-changing and we hope to educate on the evolving platforms, technologies, and methods important in succeeding in the oncoming years,” Erman, 23, told The FilAm.

Erman was born in Norfolk to Rubin Baradi from La Union and Erna Manglicmot from Zambales. He currently resides in Virginia Beach with siblings Erbin, Rena and his fraternal twin Erson, who is into graphics design.

While originally pursuing studies in medicine, Erman changed direction and veered toward entertainment.

“I’m striving to represent Asian Americans in media,” he said.

He is active in the Filipino community of Hampton Roads, one of the largest Filipino American populations and is home to a Philippine Cultural Center. He is the president and spokesperson for the competition dance crew Young Filipino American Modern Dancers and models for Taglish Tees.

A year before graduating from Regent University’s Cinema-Television program with a Bachelor of Arts, he landed an assistant-internship position on Z104 radio’s Shaggfest music festival in 2012, whose line-up included national recording artists, such as Timbaland, Missy Elliot, and Blackstreet.

Upon the internship’s completion, Erman networked with creative writers and filmmakers, landing him gigs with various entertainment sites as a script reader, social media coordinator and blogger. In L.A., Erman became the director of executive relations for The Great American PitchFest 2013, a screenwriting festival where he was able to book more than 120 film companies and agencies, such as William Morris Endeavor, Paradigm, Fox Television Studios.

This October, Erman helped book and promote a “vA-List” stage under Seven City Music Group for LocalPalooza, the largest music festival in Virginia.

“I’m in the early stages of planning a film festival and entertainment conference for Virginia Beach set for some time in 2014,” said this fast-rising entertainment talent.

“I believe there are stories to be told that have not been touched yet. If just one Filipino child wherever in the world sees me in the media and is inspired to excel in his or her choice of career, then I have done my job right,” he said.

Here is a link to buy tickets.

The Baradis at a New Year's party hosted by a FilAm organization. With Erman (second from left) are parents Rubin and Erna and siblings Erbin, Rena and Erson

The Baradis at a New Year’s party hosted by a FilAm organization. With Erman (second from left) are parents Rubin and Erna and siblings Erbin, Rena and Erson


  1. Stephen B. wrote:

    Great read! Look forward to what you have next.

  2. Vicky wrote:

    Right on, Erman! Hopefully everyone stays up to date on all your future projects 🙂 Nice to see you doing well!

  3. Tyrone W wrote:

    Doing Virginia Beach proud! Keep it up. Endless opportunities for such a talent

  4. Isaac wrote:

    So proud to be a Virginian! Not even Filipino American and proud of this. Please let me know when your next events are. I will be there.

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