A prepaid calling solution tailored for Filipinos in the U.S.

calling lady Retired chemist Necitas Golecruz of Ohio is what one would call the ‘as the need arises’ phone card user. She calls the Philippines only when there are urgent family matters – a medical emergency, maybe, or house repairs after a strong typhoon — that need quick response and decision-making. Matters that cannot wait for an email turnaround of 24 hours.

In the last three years, she has relied on Enjoy Prepaid calling plans for those important calls to her siblings in Bay, Laguna. She has been using this card and has developed an intimate familiarity with how it works.

“It’s easy to connect,” she said. “I just use the 800 number.”

She found out she could avail of even cheaper rates if she subscribes to Enjoy Prepaid. Being the occasional caller, Necitas is quite happy with how her calling plan has connected her so effortlessly to her family in the Philippines.

Enjoy Prepaid is a calling plan tailored to specific foreign users. Filipinos in the U.S., for example, have a calling plan for their unique needs, just as the Europeans or the Mexicans have their own calling plans devised for them based on factors, such as calling frequency and multilanguage customer support (English, French, Spanish, Italia, Arabic).

“Filipino people living in USA can choose, for example, the $20 Emerald Plan. With it they can also call from USA to any other country in the world where they want to,” explained Stefan Petrov, VP of Operation from Nobel Ltd., the company that operates Enjoy Prepaid.

prepaid “Enjoy Prepaid plans are very easy to use, flexible and with great rates” added Petrov from Nobel, Enjoy Prepaid’s mother company.

Nobel is a market leader in the global telecommunications industry. It was founded in 1998 by the Swiss-born Thomas C. Knobel, who began researching long-distance service providers even as a student at Babson College in Massachusetts. In time Nobel Ltd. expanded into a variety of telecommunication services including retail, wholesale and carrier services through its PoPs in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and Bucharest.

A key advantage of Nobel is a network that “allows us to offer highly competitive rates for every service,” said Petrov. He said faithful customers, like Necitas, are hooked on the low rates and great line connectivity.

Enjoy Prepaid offers a series of special features meant to simplify the calling experience and make it even more enjoyable. The Rechargeable Phone Cards, Pinless Dialing, and the PC-2-Phone Desktop Application are just some of them.

“I’m happy with the service,” said Necitas, especially when she takes too long on the phone with her family and finding the cost is not that much of a drain on the pocket.

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