Bay Area FilAms among 18 who won in the Nov. 6 elections

Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. congratulated the 18 Filipino American candidates in Monday’s national, state and local elections, among them Bay Area bets Alameda Vice Mayor Rob Bonta who was elected to the California State Assembly, Jose Esteves who was reelected as mayor of Milpitas and Jim Navarro who won a seat in the Union City Council.

Cuisia said their successful bids for various elective positions in the United States “bring pride and honor” to the entire Filipino race.

“Slowly but surely, Filipino Americans are making their presence felt in US politics,” said the envoy.

The winners – out of a total of 29 FilAm candidates — were led by Democrat Rep. Robert Scott who made a successful bid for an 11th term as representative of the Third District of Virginia. The winners were mostly in Virginia, Hawaii and California.

Except for Dr. Marisha Agana who made an unsuccessful bid for the House of Representatives as a Republican candidate for the Third District of Ohio, all the other candidates ran under the Democratic Party.

Congressman Scott, whose maternal grandfather is Filipino, is the most prominent among the Filipino American election winners. He is the first American of Filipino descent to become a voting member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

In California, Vice Mayor Rob Bonta of Alameda made history by becoming the first FilAm to be elected to the State Assembly. He will represent the 18th District. Other successful candidates were Jose Esteves who successfully ran for reelection as Mayor of Milpitas and Jim Navarro who won a seat in the Union City Council.

In Hawaii, nine of 11 FilAm candidates were successful in their bids for seats in the House of Representatives and Senate. Former Gov. Ben Cayetano, the first FilAm to be elected governor, failed to get himself elected as mayor of the state capital, Honolulu.

Elected to the Hawaii House of Representatives were: Gilbert S. Keith-Agaran (9th District); Della Au Belatti (24th District); Romy Cachola (30th District); Henry Aquino (38th District); Ty Cullen (39th District) and Rida Cabanilla-Arakawa (41st District).

Elected to the Hawaii State Senate were: Donna Mercado Kim (14th District); Will Espero (19th District); and Donovan Dela Cruz (22nd District). Also elected were Kymberly Marcos Pine, Joey Manahan and Ron Menor as members of the Honolulu City Council; Greggor Ilaga as member of the Hawaii County Council; and Don Guzman as member of the Maui County Council.

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