Mally Beauty Makeup Review

Mally Roncal


By Teen Columnist, Sophia Sanchez

During the summertime, I was in contact with the Mally Beauty team, after I expressed interest in their brand. Even though they are based in New York, I can understand how Mally has many celebrity clients that rave about her in Los Angeles, her brand serves well to the west coast weather. San Franciscans are aware of her, and I love turning on my TV and seeing her on QVC chatting about her latest product. During the summer, I received a package with her products and was excited to include her products in my makeup routine.

After trying them out (full size samples no less), I have been very impressed with her makeup quality and how it matches perfectly with my Filipina skin tone (ie yellow undertones). I love her “Perfect Prep Poreless Primer” – the name does not decieve at all. It was not only very  lightweight  but a perfect canvas for my makeup. Her “Shimmer, Shape and Glow Face Defining system” was so much fun to use as it highlighted, contoured and colored my face in such a natural yet flattering way. Finally, her “Evercolor poreless Face Defender” was the best ending to my makeup routine. It was better than a finishing powder because it didn’t leave my face ashy.  Mally makeup can be bought at QVC or

Sophia Sanchez is a senior in high school living in San Francisco. Her aspiration is to be a broadcast journalist and/or work for E! Entertainment. @SophiaFilamsf

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