Caped crusader Roxanne Cai is face of AARP’s Fearless at 50

Roxanne Cai co-founded The Initiative, a group working to fight crime in the Bay Area

The new face of AARP’s Fearless at 50 campaign is a Filipina anti-crime activist who dresses up as a superhero to make the San Francisco Bay Area a safer place.

Roxanne Cai co-founded The Initiative, a group working to fight crime in the Bay and help the needy. Members of the volunteer group are all dressed as superheroes as they organize food and clothing drives, used needle-pickups, and street patrols. Cai uses the monicker Rock N Roll.

“We are activists who sometimes wear costumes. Our tagline is we try to save the world one deed at a time,” said Cai, who emigrated to the U.S. from Manila when she was 2 years old. “When I joined this Real Life Super Hero community, I knew that there was a big emphasis on costumes, and that was very appealing to me. It’s fun to dress up in costumes and in masks and capes!”

In an interview with, Cai said, “I call us Good Samaritans on steroids. “She co-founded the local branch of the Initiative more than two years ago with her husband, Nate Boeg, a security specialist who walks the streets as Night Bug.” She is described in the article as a 52-year-old writer, massage therapist and mother of three.

Recognizing the milestone 50 represents, AARP recently launched Fearless at 50, a campaign to celebrate real people who are challenging outdated perceptions of what it means to be 50 and over. The campaign features real people boldly trying new things or just feeling good about who they are in video vignettes.

“Passing age 50 is often a big transition for people,” said Daphne Kwok, AARP Vice President of Multicultural Leadership, Asian American and Pacific Islander Audience Strategy. “We need to change the way we think about getting older. People 50-plus have life experiences that enrich their lives and expand their possibilities. We encourage people to be fearless about aging, and we celebrate individuals like Roxanne who are maximizing their lives to the fullest.”

AARP is also running an interactive Fearless at 50 Sweepstakes with a grand prize of $50,000, which will be active until February 29, 2016. To learn more and view Cai’s Fearless at 50 video, visit:

‘It’s fun to dress up in masks and capes!’

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