About Us

The FilAm Los Angeles is dedicated to reflect the lifestyle, trends and issues affecting the more than one million Filipino immigrants and Filipino Americans in Southern California.

The temperate climate of the region is home to a large number of Filipino nurses making up 20 percent of registered nurses in California. The largest employer in the region, the L.A. County government with 101,296 permanent positions, has the biggest census of FilAm employees of more than 4,000 among its 37 departments.
The majority of Pinoys work in the health services and social services fields serving as eligibility workers, medical assistants, and administrative staff members.

Entertainers from the homeland frequently visit and blend with the cultural scene of homegrown artists of painters, singers, designers, musicians and Hollywood.

With a solid line of writers and photo journalists from the Southland, The FilAm Los Angeles focuses on the beat of this diverse city from the light to the serious side. The Filipino Angeleno as a community builder; as a teacher; as a sports fan; as an entertainer; as a politician; as a student activist; as a legislator; as a rainmaker in every field of endeavor; a nanay; a tatay; a lola; a lolo; a kid in L.A.

As an e-zine venture, we aspire to instantly bridge space and time among overseas Filipinos and the homeland as well as the waves of first- and second-generation FilAms, not hyphenated but with a distinctive identity.

Cecile Caguingin Ochoa