Pilipino Workers Center’s fundraising gala slated for May 4th

pwcThe Pilipino Workers Center announces the dynamic and influential group of leaders to serve on the host committee for the PWC Gala Fundraising taking place on May 4 at the Larry Itliong Village on Glendale Blvd.

The host committee members are as follows:

Kent Wong, Director, UCLA Labor Center
Aijen Poo, Director, National Domestic Workers Alliance
Glenn Omatsu, Professor California State University, Northridge and UCLA
Russell “Bong” Vergara, Professor, University of Southern California School of Social Work
Letitia Ivins, Project Manager, Civic Arts for the Los Angeles County Arts Commission
Carmina Ocampo, Staff Attorney, Lambda Legal
Michael Sarmiento, President, Pilipino Workers Center
Dondino Manzon, Leader, Association of Filipino Workers Center
Jan Tokumaru, Project Coordinator, California Labor Foundation
Jenn Nazareno, Visiting Scholar, UCLA Institute for Research and Labor Employment
Jess Espanola, 2002 Emmy Awardee for Outstanding Animated Program, Artist.
Lauren Lazarovici, Labor Management Partnership, Kaiser Permanente
Strela Cervas, Co-coordinator, California Environmental Justice Alliance

The volunteer host committee guides the planning, execution and promotion of the fundraiser, interweaving its expertise in various fields of community building. Other leaders from educational, cultural, foundation and philanthropic sectors join the working committee to support the fundraising and engagement efforts.

“PWC is at the forefront of empowering Pilipina and Pilipino immigrant workers and enabling them to redefine community issues, such as housing, neighborhood development, and immigrant rights from the standpoint of low-income workers. PWC continues the rich tradition of Asian immigrant worker centers serving as a vital force for social change and social justice in our communities,” said Glenn Omatsu, ¬¬¬¬¬professor at the California State University, Northridge.

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