‘Artists United’ concert to raise funds for PHL disaster relief

Becca Godinez will be one of the concert performers. Photo by LA Stage Times

Becca Godinez will be one of the concert performers. Photo by LA Stage Times

Filipino performing artists will join forces on Friday, November 15, for a benefit concert to raise funds for the Philippine Red Cross through the Apl.de.ap Foundation International.

“Artists United: A Concert for Philippine Disaster Relief” will feature the talents of Bernardo Bernardo, Albert John Buyco, Mon David and his children Nicole and Carlo, Gelo Francisco, Becca Godinez, Ric Ickard, Matthew John Ignacio, Jazz Moves, Tateng Katindig, Giji Kocher, Nicole Jarin Martinez, Charmie Morales, Ciel Perlas, Ninette Tenza and Miguel Vera with other artists expected to join the lineup.

“Like many other concerts that I have been a part of when it comes to disaster relief, this one started with one person wanting to help; then that person invited someone else and so on and so on and so on,” explained Rex Sampaga of PAE Live! who will be directing the show. “That’s what makes these type of concerts unique…the spontaneity, the caliber of artists that want to perform but more importantly, the spirit of collaboration in which they are coming together for a meaningful cause.”

“We couldn’t be happier!” exclaimed Sharon Palma and Christine Ramos of Appleseed LA, the production company partnering with PAE Live! to co-produce the concert. “The Bicycle Casino reached out to us to see how they could help with disaster relief efforts in the Philippines. They are providing a fantastic space for the concert, are helping us with staffing for the event and, as a special incentive to the audience, they are creating a Filipino/Chinese buffet which will begin at 5:00p.m. and for only $9.95 per person. We are thrilled to have the Bicycle Casino host this concert, which will be their first-ever event for the Filipino Community of Los Angeles!”

“This concert is a true testament to the power of conviction and collaboration,” said Ted Benito, executive director of the Apl.de.ap Foundation International (ADAFI). “It magnifies the compassion of the Bayanihan spirit in Filipinos and Filipino Americans. All the pieces just fell into place – the venue, the artists, the timing – and I am hopeful that we can raise some much needed funds for the people in the Philippines who need help. We have a special relationship with the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) as Apl.de.ap himself has personally participated, hand-in-hand, with the PRC in previous disaster relief efforts. After the concert, ADAFI will forward the proceeds directly to PRC via wire. It’s going to be a very special night!”

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