NextDayBetter to unveil Philippine-flavored innovations in L.A. launch

NDB co-founder Ryan Letada

NDB co-founder Ryan Letada

Social enterprise NextDayBetter will launch on September 28th at Cross Campus, in Santa Monica, featuring innovators and thinkers who, organizers say, are creating a better future for the Philippines and beyond.

Inspired by TED Talks, NextDayBetter ideas and actions are Philippine-flavored and rooted in design, entrepreneurship and innovation, according to founder Ryan Letada, also known as NDB’s Chief Builder.

“We invite innovators, entrepreneurs, designers, do-gooders — both Filipino and non-Filipino—to share their stories,” said Letada.

Krizia Medenilla and Krystal Meñez will team up to launch and curate NextDayBetter: Los Angeles to initiate conversations, inspire collaboration, and connect different tastemakers and leaders in of various industries in the L.A. area.

They’ve invited speakers such as Mark Manguera, co-founder of the famous Kogi Truck; AJ Rafael, music artist and YouTube sensation; and Meg Pinsonneault, award-winning filmmaker and cofounder of The Gwapa Project.

“We sought individuals from around the world to give them an online platform and stage to share their ideas and actions that make the next day better,” said Letada. “We believe that there is no shortage of inspiring changemakers from our community. Whether they are designers, healthcare professionals or technologists, NextDayBetter seeks to highlight those who destroy unsolved problems and make their imagined future a reality.”

“The team behind this social enterprise startup set out to prove that the global Filipino community inspires and produces groundbreaking ideas and initiatives that create a better future for the Philippines and beyond,” said Letada.

Jay Jaboneta, co-founder of Yellow Boat of Hope

Jay Jaboneta, co-founder of Yellow Boat of Hope

NextDayBetter was first introduced in 2012 with a series of talks given by individuals, including Jay Jaboneta, co-founder of Yellow Boat of Hope, a Philippine-based nonprofit that provides boats to children who swim to school; and Miguel Trinidad, the executive chef of Maharlika and Jeepney restaurants in New York who is helping to mainstream Filipino food in the United States and beyond.

NextDayBetter events are designed to be interactive by featuring art installations, DJs, short film screenings, food tastings, and drinks to facilitate exchange of ideas, collaboration, and community building.

Ultimately, said Letada, NextDayBetter aspires to “activate the community and its wealth of talent and skills to continue creating a better future.”

Tickets to the event are now available for purchase at

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