Top 10 things I remember from ‘tatay’

By Francis Demano

Happy-Fathers-Day-Images-6As we celebrate a day for fathers, both in the Philippines and here in the States, we see loving messages written by children to their parents that speak well of memories, cherished for a lifetime. We are touched by the photos and moments remembered. One tribute that we enjoy brings familiar scenes from childhood.

Francis Demano, an Economics graduate of the University of the Philippines and a manager from one of the largest banks in the U.S. remembers poignant themes growing up in Pasig. The rest of the tributes we’ve read on FaceBook are equally heartwarming and speak well of how we honor our “Tatays” during this day of remembrance. May our memories never fade.

Francis Demano

Francis Demano

Francis Demano writes:

Top 10 things I remember about my Tatay Tinoy (Cristino Reyes Demano RIP) aka “Sabaw”, “Ka Tinoy”, “Tenorio”

1. Tatay was my alarm clock during my schooling years. He made sure I get the reminder nudges as my snooze before finally getting up.

2. He was the 1st Mr. Mom I have known while Nanay tended our business. He prepared our every meal military style – one for each to avoid any kids’ squabble.

3. He was “Mr. PR” in our small barrio of Sto. Tomas in Pasig. He was liked by everyone. His circle of friends transcended age barriers. His much younger nephews were his best drinking & billiard buddies. He lived his life to the fullest.

4. He was most excited when I showed him my employment acceptance telegraph from San Miguel Beer Corp during the late 80’s. He often made sure to praise me in front of his mahjong friends about my accomplishments in school.

5. He gave me great career advices – to become a CPA since “your godfather Artemio Baltazar was a board exam ““topnotcher” or his barrio mate Artemio Raymundo was an SGV top honcho or to become a journalist since my cousin Dante was a business writer. I ended up with an Economics degree doing product management at RFM & SMC.

6. He used to prepare our “baon” which consisted of 3 pan de sal bags with coco jam for our morning recess at PCC Elementary.

7. He was the first to teach me how to haggle & bargain at Recto Ave. while buying my 1st Citizen watch when I was a kid. He would negotiate embarrassingly low and leave the store. On our way out he would predict & whisper to me that the sales guy will follow us & eventually will give us the deal. He was correct to my amazement.

8. He was the 1st liberal minded person I’ve known. Never did he impose his beliefs on us. Just like his pro-Marcos stance & being a die-hard KBL (Kilusang Bagong Lipunan) supporter vs. my anti-status quo & “UP upbringing”.

9. He loved my Nanay Lucia so much. He would hug & shoulder-massage Nanay every time she arrives from the palenques selling dusters. .My mom was always the meek & quiet wife while he was the smooth talker & super carinoso.

10……..and the most endearing memory of Tatay was when he told me & my siblings bedtime stories – all of us cuddled in a single king-size bed in our air-conditioned room. We were around 4 to 7 y/o’s. They were great horror stories which he always started with “Noong unang panahon….sa malayong bayan ng Santa Barbara…”
I still miss my Tatay. Happy Fathers’ Day especially to all story-telling dads!

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