A visual symphony on the Fourth of July

Photos by Tet Valdez

Photos by Tet Valdez

At 9 p.m., the first burst of sparklers shot up into the night, followed by ribbons of rainbow delighting thousands of spectators gathered at San Clemente Pier.

Digicams and iPhone cameras waited to vividly capture the Fourth of July fireworks. The lovely shots on this page belong to photographer Tet Valdez. Set at a very slow shutter opening, her lens framed the sparkling colors of patriotism, inspiring awe and jubilation from the beach crowd.

San Clemente draws large crowds each year comparable to the “Piyesta ng Quiapo” that attracts pilgrimages from the faithful, said resident Odette Ricasa, who owns a vacation home one block off the pier.

Beethoven music played in the background as the colors frolicked in the night sky. A visual symphony for all the senses. – Cecile Caguingin Ochoa

fireworks 1
fireworks 2
fireworks 3

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  1. Cecile:
    This is a fantastic write-up. The photos are amazing!!! – a picture perfect painting in the skies captured.

    Congratulations to Evangeline and Tet – bilib ako sa professional photos. Bangge and Tet are the first female members to be accepted by the Front Liners Media Group – YESS!!!

    July 4 reflects the true happiness and joy of celebrating America’s independence which makes us all proud Americans, especially when we swayed to the music and sung “God Bless America”..

    And the infectious and electrifying crowds: jostling, hooting, whistling, shouting, becoming rowdy at times, to express sheer happiness/madness :):). That is why the streets were closed to traffic.

    There were 4 fire trucks, 4 ambulances, several police on moor cycles, police on horses roaming around to insure our safety.

    Glad you all enjoyed the magnificent fireworks !!!

    Odette Aquitania Ricasa, World traveler, has traveled to 247 countries
    Email: Odette25@aol.com
    Author of Four books: http://www.authorhouse.com search: Ricasa
    Artist: Ricasa Art Gallery, San Clemente, California

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