Yey Coronel named executive director of the Filipino American Service Group, Inc.

Seeks 'increased collaboration with the community'

Seeks ‘increased collaboration with the community’

The Board of Directors of the Filipino American Service Group, Inc. (FASGI) confirmed the selection of Elena ‘Yey’ Coronel as the new FASGI Executive Director. Coronel will be working with the board members of FASGI to advance the goals and aspirations of the organization.

“I am honored and thrilled to join FASGI as it embarks on a new vision that builds on its legacy of providing vital services to the community, particularly the seniors, homeless, immigrants, Filipino-American voters and war veterans. I look forward to working with the Board of Directors and staff in bringing FASGI into a new era of improved services and increased collaboration with the community”, she said.

Founded in 1981, FASGI is a non-profit, community-based social service agency in the heart of Historic Filipino Town, in Los Angeles. Its mission is “to improve the quality of life in our community through health, housing, advocacy, education, and research.”

She comes from a family of accomplished professionals

She comes from a family of accomplished professionals

Coronel was an Assistant Deputy Mayor for Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan. She also served as Mayor James K. Hahn’s Director of Community Development and Liaison for the Asian/Pacific Islander Community. She had been the assistant Chief Grants Administrator at the Los Angeles City Community Development Department. Ms. Coronel’s experiences span oversight responsibilities on grants management, housing and urban development, homelessness reduction, public housing and community development, human and social services, as well as people with AIDS. Her extensive community involvement provides her with a unique multi-and inter-cultural experience that can enhance FASGI’s community base.

Yey is first cousin to Sheila Coronel of the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism and Miriam Coronel Ferrer of the Peace Panel negotiating with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

Coronel has a Bachelor in Science degree in Planning and Development from the University of Southern California. She has also graduated with an Associate’s degree from Marymount Palos Verdes College, where she has received various awards at her graduation.

“The FASGI Board looks forward to working with Yey as we guide FASGI to a higher level of service and leadership in the community. We will continually seek collaboration from our partners through her to ensure success of our collective goals and endeavors,” said FASGI’s Board Chair and L.A. City Commissioner Cris B. Liban.

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