Tagalog-speaking sales staff wanted

Vonage, the voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) provider, which lets you make and receive calls using your Internet connection rather than a telephone line, is looking to hire sales people, especially those fluent in Tagalog.

The hiring will be done by Retail Business Development (RBD), which will train the staff and boost sales of retail stores.

RBD provides a wide range of retail services geared toward revenue generation and product and services sell-through. Our expertise is in augmenting retail sales as a whole – assisted sales, event sales, and kiosk sales – and providing sales force management and retail consulting services. We have the experience and know-how to support your retail business from planning to execution, including go-to-market strategies, pop-up retail design, retail sales training and operations management.

RBD is headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, and operates nationwide.

After decades spent operating and owning retail companies of their own, our executive team created RBD to provide two resources they found sorely lacking in the retail industry.

The first was a company that could deliver an instant sales force… one that could provide dozens or even hundreds of qualified sales consultants at a moment’s notice, allowing store owners to quickly meet staffing needs, augment campaigns, expand into new markets, and immediately impact the bottom line.

The second was an organization led by people who truly understood the core competencies of the retail industry… a team that could deliver the consistent qualities necessary to execute retail “the right way.”

With the launch of Retail Business Development in 2003, retailers could finally work with a team that understood the ins and outs of the retail business and knew how to solve its pain points. Since that time, the company has grown to provide a whole suite of services that reflect our commitment to “Retail Done Right.”

Over the years, RBD has established a niche in tailoring our in-demand services to retail environments and products that require a more hands-on, consultative approach to making the sale. Examples include selling wireless plans, Internet services, satellite subscriptions, home improvement products and technology solutions. And with sales teams at the ready nationwide, we can move quickly to address your needs. Tell us what your goals are and let us craft a solution to help you reach them.


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    Hi. Am from the Philippines and I used to work for one of the well known call center here. I would like to know if your company does also hire from outside the US? Thank you.

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