Farewell to Col. Edwin Ramsey, 95

Members of the Philippine Scouts Heritage Society pay their final respects to Col. Edwin P. Ramsey, an officer in the 26th Cavalry Regiment of the Philippine Scouts, who headed a guerrilla force in the Philippines during the Second World War. Ramsey, who passed away at the age of 95 on March 7, was buried with full military honors at the Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia on June 28, 2013. Photos by Elmer G. Cato

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  1. M. Matthews wrote:

    As an avid Filipino and Filipino American veterans of World War era, I was sadden to read about the passing of Colonel Edwin P. Ramsey at the age of 95. Colonel Ramsey exploit as an officer in26th Regiment of the Philippine Scouts are well known among the Filipino veterans of World War Two.

    I would like to convert my warm regards and condolences to his beloved family. I do remain

    God bless Col. Ramsey

    M. Matthews

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