TFDC marks its 2nd anniversary!

2nd-anniversaryBy Maricar CP Hampton

Has it been two years since I began publishing the D.C. version of The FilAm? Where did the years go?

I started this online magazine with the goal of sharing stories about my community here in the metro D.C. area. I decided to do it under the banner of The FilAm, which originated in the New York/New Jersey area.

My desire has always been to showcase success stories of Filipinos in the area. Sometimes, however, Filipinos have things to say and turn to social media to air their comments. One of our biggest breaking news is this streaming Facebook outrage at the Philippine Embassy for alleged “unfair” treatment of passport applicants that also smacks of “favoritism.” The article generated a flurry of Facebook comments prompting also an official response from the chief of the Consular Division.  The story resonated somehow that the article was widely reposted, shared and picked up even by newspapers in the Philippines.

News blogging is a new endeavor for me. Little did I know it would take over my life.  Not complaining, just looking back and finding there’s still so many more stories to listen to and write about.

I’m having a lot of fun. We are being followed and LIKEd on Facebook, and admittedly we need to do more to grow our social media base. Thanks to everyone who have written for us and contributed their photos and experiences. We are happy to be the vehicle to share your personal accomplishments, your professional success, your joys and triumphs.

News blogging has taken my journalism skills to a new level. I am learning so any things about engaging with an audience and a community. TFDC has been shortlisted in a couple of media awards. We are being read, we are starting to get recognition.

Here are some of the stories that have  inspired us:

Bella Owens: A Filipina heads the Baltimore County Commission for Women

Matthew Alonsozana: ‘I never felt being Filipino made me an outsider’ (Part 2)

Ninio Fetalvo: ‘Our Filipino beliefs match well with what the GOP is trying to accomplish’ (Part 1)

Ohio elects first FilAm mayor of Brunswick

Hawaii-born Nani Coloretti says love of community service comes from Filipino roots

Going into our third year I look forward to write more stories of interest to our readers and the community.


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