Husband arrested in murder of Fil-Briton wife

UK-born Caroline Crouch, husband Babis Anagnostopoulos, and their baby daughter. Photo by: Tim Stewart

A Filipino-British woman married to a Greek pilot was found dead on May 11 in their Athens home. Weeks later, the husband of Caroline Crouch was arrested for her murder.  Babis Anagnostopoulos was led away in handcuffs after a memorial service for his wife.

The killing has gripped Greece for weeks after Anagnostopoulos’s story about his wife being killed by three masked men who broke into their home hit the headlines. Crime in Greece is quite low and mostly non-violent. Greek police later announced the arrest of the pilot who they say “smothered” his 20-year-old wife with a pillow during a fight. Reports say she was planning on leaving him. He faces a life term if convicted.

The baby will likely be placed in the custody of her grandparents, Crouch’s Filipino mother and British father, according to the Daily Mail.

The initial story, as told by Anagnostopoulos, 33, was that burglars barged into the family’s home and demanded money and jewelry. The couple begged them not to hurt their baby daughter. He was tied to a bed while they tortured his wife. The baby was unharmed.

What actually happened, according to police, was Anagnostopoulos killed his wife during a domestic quarrel. The marriage has been troubled for some time and at one point “Caroline texted him that he was ‘stupid’…He lost his cool. He disabled the home’s surveillance camera, discarding its memory card, before charging up to the attic where he had another heated argument with Caroline, pushing her onto a bed there, and smothering her to death.”

The couple met in the southern island of Alonissos, known for its vacation beaches, and fell in love. He was a helicopter pilot and she a teenage student. They wed in 2018.

Police said there was mounting evidence against the husband. He claimed he was tied to a bed, but tracking device showed he was moving from the attic to the basement during the time he was supposed to be in one place. A fitness tracker on Crouch’s wrist showed her heart has stopped breathing before the supposed attack.

When police and suspect arrived at headquarters, it did not take long for Anagnostopoulos to confess to the killing. He sensed right away that he was invited for questioning not as witness but as prime suspect.

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